The Spiritual and Educational
Growth of Your Child are Supported by
Christian Warmth and Understanding.


Our Daily Schedule

The Kindergarten morning schedule includes:
Morning Message, Word of God, Morning Meeting, Literacy, Recess, Snack, Math and Stations, Story, Prayer, and dismissal to home or Lunch Bunch.  The Kindergarten afternoon schedule includes: devotion, teacher-directed learning extensions (math, literacy, test-taking, social studies/science, art, music, technology), recess, snack, dismiss to bus or to Heritage Extended Day.


The Kindergarten morning and afternoon schedules include:
Individualized morning message time for assessing, introducing, and reinforcing skills; Word of God time with singing, prayer, and memory work; calendar (including counting, patterning, number relationships) and morning meeting (including student “burning news,” Show and Tell, and Pledge of Allegiance; Literacy activities including rhyming, comprehension checks, phonetic letter and sound relationships, sight words, reading predictable books to teacher/self/buddy, writing through journaling/writing binder/formal writing (punctuation, capital letters, and word spacing); Recess outside and in the gym (including teacher-directed large motor activities); Math with the teacher and in groups at our “stations” time; Storytime; Art and technology.  A copy of Kindergarten curriculum standards is available upon request.

Additional Opportunities

There are various opportunities both inside and outside of school time that the children and their families are able to participate in.  Some of these include student-led Christmas and Closing Services, singing in church, Family Math & Science Night, and the annual Kindergarten Thanksgiving play.
We have had different “in-house”  field trips including Dan the Snake Man, Bruce the Bug Guy, and Woodlake Nature Center. The kindergarten class also goes on several field trips during the school year and has a Christmas Pancake Party at the teacher’s home.

Summer Camps

Our week-long summer camps feature a math theme, a science theme, and an art theme have also been very popular among the children.