The Spiritual and Educational
Growth of Your Child are Supported by
Christian Warmth and Understanding.

About Our School

Our Heritage

Heritage Lutheran School began in the fall of 1993.  A kindergarten program was added for the 2001 school year.  We have three large, bright, well-equipped classrooms as well as a full-size gym where the children are able to learn, grow, and discover.  Children do not need to be members of Heritage congregation to enroll in our  programs.


Our school offers flexible preschool class options with small class sizes in a Christian environment.  Our school hosts family activities such as our annual Family Math & Science Night and we offer summer camps for preschool and kindergarten aged students with Art, Music, and Science themes.

Curriculum Overview

The curriculum for young children comes from real-life experiences carefully woven together by the teacher as facilitator. Free playtime, as well as teacher-led group activities, will take place daily. Multi-sensory activities are planned to encourage learning in Bible stories, music, art, social studies, science, math, reading, large and small motor skills. Planned activities take into account the individual needs and interests of each child in the group, regardless of age.

Sessions Include

  • 2 Day Preschool
  • 3 Day Preschool
  • 5 Day Preschool
  • Extended Day Option

Heritage’s Objectives

To help children…

  • know and trust Jesus as their Savior and friend
  • apply God’s truth’s to everyday living through the daily use of prayer and worship
  • accept others, even though they may be different than self
  • develop a positive self-concept and be free to make mistakes
  • show independence and self-responsibility
  • understand their feelings and channel them into appropriate outlets
  • learn through play, whether in groups or individually
  • learn through a variety of media that foster creative expression in music, dramatic play, art, and movement
  • become aware of and have an interest in the world around them and appreciate it as God’s creation
  • observe a few simple health, safety, and classroom management rules
  • develop reading, writing, and math readiness skills
  • communicate more effectively and grow in vocabulary
  • develop problem-solving skills

Our Teachers & Staff

Heritage Lutheran School provides a learning environment using called teachers. They are specially trained teachers for Christian schools.  They turn to God’s Word and prayer on a daily basis, collaborate with one another, and communicate with parents frequently.  Our teachers strive for a mixture of God’s Word, structure, independence, and hands-on activity to facilitate inquiry, creativity, social responsibility, and higher-level thinking where children feel safe, comfortable, and happy as they learn.

State Licensure

Heritage Lutheran Preschool is a licensed facility through the Minnesota Department of Human Services.