The Spiritual and Educational
Growth of Your Child are Supported by
Christian Warmth and Understanding.


Daily Schedule

Our typical day starts with the students checking in at the door and choosing an activity in the classroom which might include the block area, dramatic play, math manipulatives, puzzles, books, or discovering what is in the sensory table.  The children then move onto Word of God, music, morning meeting, large motor play, snack, math, literacy, art, or science stations and finish their day with a story read by the teacher.


We are blessed to have a full-size gym at Heritage.  The students enjoy playing with trikes, scooters, balls, jump ropes, and more.  The children love to play group games such as ‘What Time is it Mr. Fox’ or ‘Ships Across the Ocean.’   We also have a playground that includes a variety of large motor activities that support the growth of large muscles such as monkey bars, swings, slide, spinner & teeter-totter.  On Fridays, Pastor Anderson leads the students in a devotion followed by singing songs with the piano.  Once a week, students get to go to the school library where they are read a story and are able to check out a book or literacy box.

Additional Opportunities

There are various opportunities both inside and outside of school time that the children and their families are able to participate in.  Some of these include student-led Christmas and Closing Services, singing in church, and Family Math & Science Night. We have had different “in-house”  field trips including Dan the Snake Man, Bruce the Bug Guy, and Woodlake Nature Center.

Summer Camp

Our week-long summer camps featuring a math theme, a science theme, and an art theme have also been very popular among the children.

Extended Day

The extended day program is for children whose parents work or for those that need extra social time.  Following lunch, students work on literacy, math, music & science extensions.  A short quiet time is included in this extended day program as well.